GM launches massive used car website CarBravo, hopes to take on Carvana

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GM worked with dealers to build CarBravo over the past 18 months, said Todd Ingersoll, dealer principal of Ingersoll Auto in Danbury, Connecticut, whose dealership participated in the CarBravo pilot.

"We worked together on the CarBravo suite of benefits, the customer experience and dealer process," Ingersoll said. "The most successful new car dealers have good used car operations."

Ingersoll said about 10% of car buyers shop online. Some consumers will ask for a dealership to deliver the vehicle to them, others want to take delivery of the car at a dealership.

"(CarBravo) gives the customer the choice as to how they'd like to get it done," Ingersoll said.

GM created CarBravo because nearly 70% of vehicles sold today are used, Carlisle said. He said for the last five years the used car market has been growing and it's less susceptible to market shocks than the new car market.

"We know that used cars are incredibly important to bringing customers into our brands," Carlisle said during a media briefing. "To continue to build loyalty and business opportunities for us and our dealers, CarBravo is a whole new portal to reach new customers."


Carlisle said GM sees possible adjacent revenue opportunity in OnStar enrollments and customers using dealers for service.

"All the revenue that we get on a new car post-sale, we're expecting to get that revue through the used cars," Carlisle said. "The GM part of the inventory that dealers will have access to, customers will have so-called GM units ... off-lease vehicles ... gives us the opportunity to improve residual values, which has a straight to the bottom line impact."

But Carlisle said GM will eventually use the platform to offer new cars and electric vehicles.

"We're rolling out the digital retail platform starting with our EV programs as they roll out, so they'll all operate on top of that DRP platform, what we're talking about today is extending the use of that platform to CarBravo, to used cars," Carlisle said.

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