Stellantis CEO on weather events pushing electrification: Our company is ready

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"We urgently need to cut emissions," Johanna Chao Kreilick, president of the Union of Concerned Scientists, said Tuesday in a press conference focused on pushing the Biden administration to adopt strict regulations. She said emissions must be reduced in the transportation sector because that's the nation's leading source of greenhouse gas emissions.

The organization is advocating for half of the new car market to be electric by 2030 and for a fully electric fleet by 2035. That would be a dramatic uptick in the U.S., where electric vehicles account for a small but growing piece of the market now.

Jeep will lead the way for Stellantis' electrification efforts, at least in North America, according to Tavares.

He said Jeep has a logical connection to electrification, noting that it's "the brand of freedom" because of its owners' penchant for off-roading.

"If you like to go in the nature, then you respect the nature and if you respect the nature then you want to have a Jeep, which is a zero-emission Jeep," said Tavares, who hails from Portugal.

The company, which claims its Jeep Wrangler 4xe is already the best-selling plug-in hybrid in the marketplace, plans to have an electric version of each Jeep model by 2025.


Other brands would catch up, he said.

The company has already announced that it would begin production on a battery-electric Ram 1500 pickup in 2024, the same year Dodge is supposed to create what the company is calling "the world's first full battery electric muscle car."

"You would not imagine how exciting it is to electrify Dodge, which is all about e-muscle," Tavares said Wednesday.

For those who were wondering about the fate of Dodge's current muscle cars, Tavares provided assurances that the Charger and Challenger "absolutely" have a future.

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