Tech Q&A: Inside the hidden costs of printers and ink cartridges

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Then return the printer to its factory settings (see, which will remove the HP software that enforces the multiple ink cartridge requirement. You will be able to use only a black cartridge without paying extra for ink.

Q: I want to make a minor edit on a PDF file, but I can't get the file to save the change once I make it. What should I do?

—Kenneth Janda, Roseville, Minn.

A: The problem could be caused by using the wrong software or incorrect program settings. Or, it could be caused by restrictions that are built into that particular PDF file.

First make sure you have the right program. The widely used free Adobe Acrobat Reader DC can fill out a PDF form and save it, but it can't edit text that's already in a PDF.


For that you need the Adobe Acrobat program (PC version $300 one-time purchase, online version $156 a year) that can create or edit PDF files. Alternatively, you can edit PDF files with some other programs, including Microsoft Word, Google Docs or a PDF editor program (see

If you are using Adobe Acrobat and still can't edit a PDF document, you may need to set the program as your computer's "default PDF viewer" (see

You should also check to see if the file is "restricted for editing" (see

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