Consumer Confidential: This company will pay you to share your data. Is it worth it?

By David Lazarus, Los Angeles Times on

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Beyond that, you can earn more money by viewing client companies' online videos, sharing your browsing habits, taking surveys and sharing transaction data, such as where you shop and how much you spend.

Tier 1, "Intermediate," pays a base rate of $1 a month. Tier 2, "Pro," pays a base $2 monthly. Tier 3, "Elite," pays a base $3.

The more data you share, and the more you participate in advertisers' marketing efforts, the more you can potentially make.

"We get that a few dollars here and there may not seem like much today, but stick with it and you can grow it further over time," the Killi website declares. "The more active you are on Killi, the more you earn."

Sweeney told me the average consumer's data is worth about $500 a month in total to tech giants such as Google and Facebook.

He encouraged me to go to another site he operates, UAreTheProduct, for more information about the worth of my personal data. But UAreTheProduct wanted me to enter my email address to proceed.


That's the Killi business model in a nutshell. It promises consumer data empowerment. But the price of that power is your privacy.

Then there's the matter of the blanket opt-in allowing Killi's clients to share all data received for their own purposes.

I couldn't find any mention of the opt-in component on Killi's homepage. Nor could I find anything in the frequently asked questions.

In fact, it wasn't mentioned on the site at all.


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