Tech Q&A: How to share Windows 10 files with other PCs

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-- Switching USB ports reset the camera-to-PC software connection. If a software glitch caused the problem, that resolved it.

-- The first USB port was flawed, and thus caused video problems.

-- The camera was switched from the USB 2.0 port to a faster USB 3.0 port. That shouldn't make a difference. Zoom and Morton's camera are both designed to use USB 2.0. But you never know.

Q: When my PC shut down, a message directed me to call a "Microsoft technician" who said the PC was infected. I paid $435 for a new "Microsoft license," IP address and firewall software, plus $275 for labor. I've asked for a partial refund, but all I've gotten so far is promises. Their help line doesn't work. Is this a scam? (I have 120 days to file a complaint at my bank.)

-- Sherri Pierce, Forestville, Calif.

A: Yes, it's a scam. Microsoft will never urge you to call them, and the list of repairs is bogus. The nonworking help line is the final tip-off. File a complaint with your bank, then download and run the free version of the Malwarebytes security program (see


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