Susan Tompor: Hot deals on Facebook may look real — but order never arrives: How to spot a fake

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Chili Akoma has a shopping scam story that you'll want to read especially if you're in a rush this holiday season.

He spotted some Clarks shoes that he liked via an ad on Facebook. The price seemed competitive and roughly what he'd expect to spend for Clarks chukka boots. He placed his order, received a confirmation and even a tracking number.

All seemed about right.

Except, he said, somehow the boots ended up being stuck in a Chinese postal box. The whole thing about the delay in China just struck him as odd. And he realized that, maybe, there was a problem. So he soon reached out and went to Clarks to try to track his order.

"And they came back and said: 'That's not from us.'"

And he realized that the ad he saw on Facebook last spring was a phony.


"They got me," said Akoma, 57, who lives in Macomb Township, Mich., and works in business development logistics.

"They can spoof it to make it look very legitimate," Akoma warned.

Fortunately, he was able to get a refund via PayPal. But he remains cautious about clicking on Facebook ads to do his shopping.

Scammers, of course, stay in the game because they know how to gain your trust.


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