Google walkout leaders claim the firm retaliated against them: report

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The allegations from the two women reflect a broader problem, Stapleton wrote.

"Our stories aren't the only ones. Google has a culture of retaliation, which too often works to silence women, people of color, and gender minorities," Stapleton wrote, adding that walkout organizers had collected 350 employee stories.

"A sad pattern emerges: People who stand up and report discrimination, abuse, and unethical conduct are punished, sidelined, and pushed out," Stapleton wrote. "Perpetrators often go unimpeded, or are even rewarded.

"By punishing those who resist discrimination, harassment, and unethical decision making. Google permits these behaviors."

Google, asked about the two workers' claims, said employees and teams are often given new assignments or reorganized, to meet business needs.

"There has been no retaliation here," a spokeswoman said.


In the wake of the walkout, Google said that it had fired 48 employees for sexual harassment in the previous two years, giving none of them severance. It also eliminated forced arbitration in sexual harassment cases.

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