Elon Musk says no sex at 'boring' party reportedly hosted by VC Steve Jurvetson

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One of the supposedly wild Silicon Valley parties mentioned in an excerpt for an upcoming book called "Brotopia" was hosted by famous VC Steve Jurvetson, according to more text from the book, which is set for publication next month.

Also, Elon Musk was at the party, and denies there was sex involved.

Jurvetson, who left Draper Fisher Jurvetson late last year amid allegations of misconduct, hosted an afterparty for a DFJ conference at his home in Half Moon Bay, according to Axios, which cites text from the book by Bloomberg TV journalist Emily Chang.

Earlier this month, an excerpt from the book talked of tech parties where sex, drugs and alcohol were present. Chang pointed out that these parties cut both ways for women in Silicon Valley: If they don't attend, they could be left out of opportunities and decision-making, and if they do attend, they could be seen as sex objects and not taken seriously at work.

The Axios report comes after a Medium post Wednesday by tech entrepreneur Paul Biggar referred to one of the parties as "a top-tier VC firm's official party."

Biggar said he was there and could confirm some details from the book excerpt. He also said it was "the official afterparty of their big annual summit," and "at a general partner's house."


He also said he didn't actually see any sex or drugs, but that he did see a "setup for the cuddle puddle," which apparently is where people lie down and stroke one another.

"We were warned before going not to be freaked out about the stuff there, no photos were allowed(!), and definitely don't tell anyone what we saw," he wrote. "I didn't exactly know it was a sex party, and I got bored at some point and went home."

He added: "Now while I have no interest in having group sex with rich and powerful people, I was certainly interested in seeing what the (expletive) this party was."

Among those present at the party, he said, was Tesla and SpaceX CEO Musk.


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