5 Important Reasons for Hiring a DUI Attorney


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Did you know that about 1.5 million people are arrested for drunk driving every year in the USA? When interviewed, most arrestees report that they drove drunk because they had no other way home, or because they had no idea how much alcohol they would consume with their meal at a gathering.

Most states have mild penalties for first-time and second-time offenders, namely fines and a few days in county jail. However, if you already have a number of DUIs on your record your punishment could be much more severe. That’s why you should consider letting a DUI attorney handle your next case.

Check out the five ways you could benefit from a DUI lawyer’s service.

1. A DUI Attorney Can Keep Your Record Clean

DUI attorneys know the legal system regarding DUIs inside and out. They can file within the court procedure to have your case dismissed before it even goes to trial.

They also know how the prosecution will try and convict you if there is a trial. They’ll know how to defend against the prosecutor’s claims and the evidence they present. In either case, you benefit from not adding a DUI to your permanent record.

2. Attorneys Can Offer Peace of Mind

Arrests aren’t always justifiable and if that is the case with your DUI then your attorney will be able to uncover and prove that. A faulty field sobriety kit, incorrect following of the arrest procedure, or extraneous factors influencing the blood alcohol reading can result in a wrongful arrest. Your attorney will be on the lookout for all these factors and more.

3. A DUI Attorney Could Work Out Cheaper

If you have a serious DUI case on your hands involving personal injuries and possible fines it’s vital that you get a DUI lawyer. Without adequate defense, you could end up paying way more in damages and fines than you would have with experienced counsel.

4. A DUI Attorney Could Get You a Great Plea Deal

Most states treat driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases very seriously. Depending on the facts of your case and your record, your DUI could be elevated to a felony DUI, resulting in huge fines and several years in prison. Learn more about DWIs by clicking on this link.

Your attorney, however, will probably have a good enough relationship with the prosecutor to negotiate a much better deal in exchange for a guilty plea. They’ll only do this in the case that going to trial is a far greater risk. Data shows that accepting a plea deal often results in more lenient sentences.

5. A DUI Attorney Could Get You a Reduced Sentence

If you’ve decided to go all the way to trial and lose, then don’t give up hope. Your attorney will still fight for a suspended or reduced sentence during the sentencing phase. This will likely result in more lenient fines, less jail time, or maybe even complete avoidance of jail.

Make Sure You’re Well Represented

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI, then knowing what to do after a DUI involves contacting a DUI attorney as soon as you can. They’ll know the best option for your case, whether that’s pursuing a dismissal, litigation, or a plea deal. Just because you’ve been arrested does not automatically make you guilty, which is why you should get legal representation in such events.

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