The Ultimate Home Selling Checklist for a Stress Free House Sale


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Have you been waiting patiently for the housing market to pick up? Then now is the time to make your move. House prices have jumped 9.9% in the past year.

To capitalize on that rapid growth, you’ll need to get your house in tip-top condition before you get a valuation.

Here is our home selling checklist to guide you on the tasks to get done before putting your house on the market.

Store Away Clutter

Unless you are a dedicated minimalist, you’ve probably accumulated clutter over the years. Cast an eye over your house as a buyer and see what you can spot to remove from view.

Typical items include coats, shoes and boots, occasional kitchen appliances, and ornaments. You want to keep surface space minimal except for the odd vase of fresh flowers.

And don’t forget to buy a cable organizer to tidy away all your electric cables from view.

Remove Personal Decor

Buyers want to visualize themselves living in your house, so remove personal touches before selling your home. That might include family photos, notes, and drawings stuck to the fridge or decorations in children’s bedrooms.

Remove Extra Furniture

Oversized furniture can often make a room feel smaller than it is. So think about the practical furniture you need to make the room seem liveable and put everything else (e.g., extra chairs, side tables) into temporary storage.

For a stress-free house sale, you might want to hire a company like Fleet Removals to help assist you when storing away heavy items.

Deep Clean Your Property

Even if you take pride in keeping your home tidy, you’ll need to deep clean when selling your house.

Arrange for a professional floor cleaner for old carpets that you can’t afford to replace. For natural wood flooring, add polish to give the floor sparkle.

And always clean inside kitchen cupboards too, as well as any in-built wardrobes. Get the outside of your windows professionally cleaned and sweep steps and patios.

Carry Out Repairs

Buyers will want to know that your house is ready to move into from day one without spending time and money making repairs. If they spot signs of damage during the house viewing, it could put them off making an offer.

If you can’t do the repair jobs yourself, hire a local maintenance professional who can get things done. Don’t forget about working electrics, such as making sure you change bulbs in lamps and ceiling lights.

Tidy up the Garden

Having a presentable outside space is equally as important as your interiors. Paint or varnish your fences and doors, and repair any broken steps or slabs.

Trim back bushes and overhanging trees, cut the grass, and weed the flowerbeds. Remove any dead or dying plants.

Home Selling Checklist

There are many things to do to turn your house into the dream home if you want to achieve an asking price. We hope this home selling checklist will keep you on track.

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