How to Become an Insurance Agent: A Career Guide


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The United States insurance agency has roughly 3 million employees today. You can cut the line and advance in this career by learning the strategies that will help you thrive.

Learning the business will carry you far, whether you’d like to work for a company or start your own shop. So what tips will help you out? We’re happy to explain.

Read on so that you can become an insurance agent working in a career field that you will love.

Learn the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry is vast. Just about everyone that owns, rents, does business, or drives uses insurance of some sort. Health insurance protects people from going bankrupt dealing with medical conditions that cost a pretty penny.

Regardless of what segment of the industry you decide to get into, you need to show mastery and proficiency over the information. Study the insurance business so that you can learn how to write policies, handle claims, and help customers make the most of their policies.

You can also take courses on final expense sales leads and other aspects of the business. Continuing education is necessary for insurance agents, so set aside enough money in your budget for professional development each year.

Decide on the Type of Insurance You Prefer

Many insurance agents are general specialists, but you’ll get more out of the career when you choose a field that you enjoy. Here are some areas of interest you can look into as a professional insurance agent:

  • Writing comprehensive, collision, and liability insurance coverage policies for drivers
  • Becoming an adjuster that appraises property values
  • Selling life insurance policies and wealth generation packages

Insurance is an industry that requires you to hustle, so choose an area of interest that you like. This way, it’s a labor of love and not a chore to put in the long hours required.

Get Some Insurance Leads

Being an insurance agent is all about generating your next lead. You need to be able to sell yourself just as much as you know how to handle policies and serve customers.

Make marketing a cornerstone of your company by maintaining a professional website and social media presence. Learn the principles of search engine optimization (SEO), attend marketing events, and always keep business cards at the ready. Insurance is a “people” business, so get up-to-date headshots every few years so that you can market yourself effectively.

Organize Your Company and Keep Improving

Insurance is a career that requires entrepreneurial skills. Learn to organize your workdays, keep accurate records, and take care of your bookkeeping and accounting. Subscribe to a Software as a Service (SaaS) that lets you track your most important business metrics, send invoices, and manage your spending.

Set goals each quarter and track them so that you know that you’re progressing.

Become an Insurance Agent

These tips will pay off big if you would like to become an insurance agent. Choosing a career path that you love will pay off huge for you if you put your all into it. Resolve to keep learning and improving, and never shy away from seeking help when you need it.

Begin with these guidelines and check out our other articles related to insurance, real estate, entrepreneurship, and so much more.




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