How to Take the Subway in NYC (Without Getting Lost)


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Wondering how to take the subway in NYC? Over 2 million people ride the NYC subway on a given day—if you’re feeling intimidated, you’re not alone!

Many regions don’t rely on subway systems at all. If you come from a place where having a car is crucial, an NYC subway map might be intimidating.

That’s why we’ve assembled a list of basic pointers to teach you how to take the subway in NYC without getting lost. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to navigate NYC subway lines like a native!

Know Where You’re Going

Owning a car is rare in New York City. The traffic is intimidating to all but the most experienced, tenacious drivers. Coupled with brutal winters, limited parking, and expensive taxes, cars aren’t common.

For many born-and-bred New Yorkers, their life revolves around the subway. After all, what could you need outside of one of the world’s major cities?

If you need to go outside of Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, you’ll need to ride a commuter train, take an Uber, or beg a ride off a friend. The subway only operates in those boroughs, and won’t take you outside them.

What Do I Do?

An NYC subway station is a fantastic cross-section of all New York has to offer. As we’ll discuss in this article, it takes some time to learn how to get along in New York City.

However, taking the New York subway requires a certain amount of chutzpah. Riding the subway is not an ideal time to tune out!

For starters, avoid the urge to zone out with your headphones. Stay aware and vigilant at all times. This will also help you avoid missing your stop, particularly if you’re new to the city.

You should also keep your items safe. This means wearing a crossbody purse or putting your wallet in a zippered pocket. Don’t store your phone in your back pocket—this goes for any other valuables, too!

On the subway, especially during rush hour, expect to have no personal space. Arrange any items on your person accordingly.

You should also refuse to engage. Don’t stare, participate in arguments, or use the subway as a place to flex on a stranger.

How Do I Pay?

How often do you plan to take advantage of the NYC subway lines? It costs $2.75 for a single ride. This fare holds true whether you’re riding it for stops, or as far as it will take you.

This cheap fare is why the subway is so popular. If you pay by the week or the month, your rate may be even cheaper.

As technology improves, you can pay on your phone. You’ll have to pay before you ride, though. The New York subway doesn’t charge an exit fee like other systems might.

How to Take the Subway in NYC

If you’re wondering how to take the subway in NYC, plan ahead! If you exercise your street smarts, go with the flow, and keep your sense of direction, you’ll do well in New York.

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