Buying Your First Shotgun: 3 Tips for Choosing the Perfect One


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While the UK’s gun culture isn’t as prominent as the gun culture of our friends across the pond, there are more gun owners in the UK than you might expect. If you’re a fan of hunting, if the past few years under lockdown got you worried about self-defence, or you just enjoy the challenge of learning how to shoot, it’s not a bad idea to buy a wide array of guns.

Any person hunting bigger game, or looking for self-defence in close quarters, should consider buying their first shotgun. A shotgun is an important part of any arsenal, but buying your first shotgun can be confusing.

This article will walk you through a few shotgun buying tips, to make sure you’re satisfied when you buy your first shotgun.

1. Figure Out the Type

The first thing you’re going to want to figure out when choosing a shotgun is the type of shotgun that you want. Semi-automatic, pump, and break shotguns all have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As well as the action of your gun, you’re also going to want to figure out whether you want a gun for sport “Sporter” or a gun for hunting “game gun”. Hybrid guns exist, but you might have to shell out more for them.

2. Set Yourself a Budget

When you get into the world of guns you’ll quickly learn that you can have a vastly different experience depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Are you looking to buy a gun on the cheap, or are you looking to shell out a little bit to get ahead of the game?

On one hand, it’s a smart idea to not spend too much so you can figure out what you like. On the other hand, it could be less expensive to get it right the first time, rather than buying two guns.

3. Figure Out the Aesthetic

We’re not going to lie, one of the greatest parts of buying a shotgun is the level of character and class it can lead to a house. A properly mounted gun can demonstrate to the world what your values are, and spark great conversations about guns.

If you want a powerful gun with a great aesthetic, check out the Stephenson and Son gun room. There you’ll only find a selection of guns with various gauges, types, and budgets. If you want something more expensive, or something more affordable, you can find it in this gun room.

Buy a Great First Shotgun

The UK has more of a gun culture than you might think at first. As you can see, there are a few important things you need to consider before you buy your first shotgun.

Figure out the type of shotgun you want, how much you want to pay for it, and what aesthetic you’re going for, and you’re far more likely to enjoy the shotgun that you pick.

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