How Many Types of Car Scratches Are There?


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Depending on your environment, the different types of car scratches on steel vehicles can result in rust in as little as 4 to 5 days. For this reason, knowing when and how quickly a type of car scratch needs to be fixed is invaluable.

In this article, we discuss the different types of scratches on cars and tell the difference. Continue reading, so you know what to do to prevent costly damage to your vehicle from car paint scratches.

Causes of Car Paint Scratches

The different causes of car paint scratches can lead to different kinds of damage. Some obvious causes are accidents caused by a car key sticking out of a pocket or a minor collision.

However, improper washing and road debris can also cause different types of car scratches. This includes using the wrong materials while washing and rocks hitting your car while driving.

Clear Coat Scratches

When it comes to the different types of scratches on cars, clear coat scratches are the most superficial. These are scratches on top of cars at the surface instead of down into the paint layer.

If they rub off easily, and the paint underneath is still intact, it’s a clear coat scratch. However, this type of car scratch should be addressed quickly so that the paint doesn’t remain exposed and become damaged.

Paint Scratches

This type of car scratch affects the paint layer below the clear coat. You shouldn’t see any damage to the metal layer if it’s a paint layer scratch. Car paint scratches are more of a difficult fix since you’ll need to have your paint matched.

The best way to do this is through your car’s manufacturer so you can get the information for the exact color. For small scratches, you can use a bit of touch-up paint to keep the area covered. However, larger scratches should be treated by professionals.

Primer Scratches

Of the different types of scratches on cars, this type of car scratch is the worst. These scratches cut through the clear coat, paint coat, and primer and go all the way down to the metal of the car.

They can also cause the metal to rust if left exposed. For this type of scratch, it’s ideal to bring it to a professional for a complete repainting of the area to keep your car looking good and keeping it in good condition.

How to Prevent Different Types of Car Scratches

While everyday damage can be hard to avoid, applying some protection, such as with a paint protection film, can help your paint last longer. It’s an adhesive layer that protects against chips and scratches.

Plus, it can also help protect against natural wear from sun exposure. Having this extra piece of protection can make all the difference in your car’s upkeep.

Know the Types of Car Scratches

Knowing which of the different types of car scratches you’re dealing with can help you decide the best course of action when it comes to fixing it. Since severe scratches, such as primer scratches, cause rust, you know you need to act quickly.

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