Garage Guides: What Causes a Garage Door Opener to Stop Working?


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Did you know that the lifespan of a garage door is about 30 years? The lifespan of an opener is about 10-12 years.

Both a garage door and its opener need to be properly maintained and it’s helpful to update with new technology because it will last longer and has new safety features. Keep reading and we will guide you through what causes a garage door opener to stop working.

Causes for a Broken Garage Door Opener

Sometimes garage door openers have minor issues that a professional can quickly fix. If it’s not a quick fix, the repair may require more heavy lifting.

You can troubleshoot these four common garage door opener issues and then talk to a professional to see what the proper next steps are based on the problem.

1. Lock Button

There is a lock button you can activate on your door opener. If you see a flashing light on the control panel and your garage door won’t open, this is likely because the lock feature is activated.

You just need to press and hold down the lock button. You can do this to deactivate and reactivate the lock feature.

2. Low Battery

A garage door opener battery can last from 1-2 years. If you need to replace the battery, most older remotes need a 12-volt battery, while newer versions need a 3-volt lithium battery.

Sometimes after you replace the battery you need to reprogram the garage door opener.

3. Erase and Reprogram

If your garage door opener needs to be erased and reprogrammed you need to clear the memory opener, press and hold the learn button until the LED light turns off, and then you can reprogram the door opener.

Next, you need to reprogram the keypad and then you will be set.

4. Circuit Short

You also may be facing a circuit short in the door control, the wire of the door control, or the receiver board. You can troubleshoot this by:

  • Unplug the garage opener
  • Remove the wires from the motor unit
  • Plug the door opener back in
  • Erase the memory and reprogram
  • Unplug and reconnect the wires
  • Remove the wires from the door control
  • Test out the garage door opener

If any of these steps are too complex or you have questions, you should consult a professional and they will be able to walk you through it.

If you’re looking for new technology check out the Liftmaster garage door opener.

It allows you to connect to WiFi, has mobile apps where you get alerts from anywhere, has quieter motors, a backup battery, and more.

Check Your Garage Door Opener

Now that you know how to troubleshoot why your garage door opener isn’t working, you can assess if something is wrong and call a professional if it’s more serious than the 4 common issues.

The lock button being left on, low battery, needing to erase and reprogram, or a short circuit problem are all common reasons your garage opener may not be working.

Get familiar with your garage door opener or read the latest news from around the world right here on our site.




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