How Do I Choose the Best Pest Control Company in My Local Area?


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There are over 900 thousand different types of known insects around the globe. If you’re dealing with pests, don’t try to handle them alone. Instead, take the time to find the best pest control company in town.

A professional pest control team will help you keep these bugs at bay. Otherwise, cockroaches, wasps, and other pests could impact your family’s health. Don’t let that happen!

Instead, use these five tips to find the best local pest control company in town.

Become a smart homeowner. Find the best professional pest control company with these tips today.

1. Gather Referrals

First, talk to friends, family members, and neighbors around town. Ask if they’ve hired a local pest control company lately. If they have, talk to them about their experience with the company.

Ask if they experienced any issues with the pest control team that arrived at their home. Determine if they experienced any problems contacting the company, too.

Learning from friends and family members will help you create a list of companies in the pest control industry to vet further. Then, you can use the rest of these tips to narrow down your choices.

If your inner circle can’t help, start searching online instead. Search “best pest control company near me” and start developing a list.

2. Look for Experience

There are over 30,800 companies working in the pest control industry. Not every team has years of hands-on experience, though. As you research each company, consider checking their Better Business Bureau listing.

Determine how long each company has worked in the industry. Look for a team with hands-on experience and expertise you can count on.

Make sure their experience is relevant to the pest you’re dealing with, too.

For example, you might need help getting rid of different types of wasps. Make sure the team has the expertise you need.

3. Read Reviews

Check each company’s BBB, Yelp, and Google My Business listings for reviews. The best pest control company will have a strong reputation.

If they have any complaints on their profile, look elsewhere.

4. Check Certification and Licensing

Make sure each company on your list is certified and has the proper credentials.

They should have a licensed pesticide applicator on the team, too. If the team isn’t licensed or insured, choose someone else.

Ask if they’re up-to-date with the latest regulations and safety techniques as well.

5. Compare Prices

Before choosing a local pest control company, shop around. Gather quotes from at least three different companies. Determine what’s covered with each quote.

Don’t choose the cheapest pest control team. Instead, review your notes. Choose an experienced, qualified team to arrive at your home.

Then, schedule your first appointment.

If you ever experience issues with the company, you can move on to another company on your list.

Bugs Be Gone: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Pest Control Company in Town

Finding the best pest control team in town doesn’t have to feel like a hassle. Instead, use these five tips to start your search. With these tips, you can remain a smart homeowner while keeping bugs at bay.

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