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Think about past things you have taken part in your life. Whether it was a school trip, a wedding, a company event, or a group airport transfer, what was the mode of transportation?

Most likely, it was a mini bus, and the people organizing the event or gathering had a mini bus rental. If you are reading this, you are probably intrigued about getting one for yourself for an upcoming event.

But, what exactly is a mini bus? How do you go about getting one?

This is your mini bus rental guide.

What Is a Mini Bus?

A mini bus is a vehicle not quite the size of a school bus or coach bus, but still one that can get a decent amount of people from one place to the other. Typically, it can fit 14-28 people, and the dimensions on average are 23 feet in length, 7’4 in width, and 8’9 in height.

It is essentially about half or even a third of the size of a school or coach bus, but it is still convenient for large groups. The catch is, the average mini bus does not come with a bathroom, so it can slow down groups who are traveling a long distance.

On the positive side, most companies that you can rent a mini bus from come with their own driver for it, so if you are worried about having someone drive home from an event or party with alcohol indulgent, no need to fear.

How Much Does It Cost?

Truthfully, it depends on how big of a bus you get, how long you need it for, and how far the bus has to travel. For hourly rentals, this can range anywhere from $95 to $140 an hour.

However, for multi-day trips, or even round trips, this cost can increase and vary depending on your specific circumstances.

In this situation, most mini bus rental services will ask you for information such as your name, contact information, the desired pickup destination and final destination, if it is hourly, one-way, or round trip, and the date and time of the need for this transportation.

Every case is different, so you cannot expect the rate for a wedding where you just might need the mini bus to go from the church to the reception destination to be the same as going across the country with it.

One other factor is how many people you need the mini bus for. One that can only fit 14 people is obviously going to be a cheaper total price than one that can fit double the people. However, if everyone is splitting the cost of this rental, it may be possible to save some money per person if taking a larger group.


A pro to mini buses is that they most likely come with more amenities than your car does, and definitely more than a taxi. An example is that most mini buses have a WiFi network that you can connect to.

Some buses also have leather seats, TVs to watch for entertainment, good air conditioning and heat, space for luggage, power outlets, and even comfortable leather seats. This last perk is not as common, but some do have onboard restrooms if you look for the right mini bus rental company.

All of this means that you will not have to stop at a restroom for long-distance travel every time someone has to go to the bathroom, you can charge your phone to keep yourself entertained, you can watch a movie on the TV to pass the time on a long drive, you do not have to sit on top of your luggage like you might in a car, and you might be able to fall asleep in the more comfortable seats.

But, the biggest amenity of all goes for the adults, particularly ones heading for a party or a late event that has alcohol served. This is the fact that a designated driver is waiting for you and is willing to drive you from Point A to Point B.

You do not have to worry about driving yourself home or finding a ride, everything would already be arranged.

Events Used For

A mini bus can have very flexible use depending on what you need it for. A common example may be a wedding where you need transportation for the wedding party and/or additional guests to get from either the church or the designated hotel to the reception hall. That would more than likely call for an hourly rate.

But, it can also be used for a school trip to go to either a nearby major city or somewhere further remote. This can be both for a day trip or an overnight trip, depending on the need for a school. Either way, it can be the perfect size to take one class from one place to another.

An even simpler use for this can be a simple airport transfer for a larger party. If you have at least 14 people traveling together, you will likely want to avoid splitting the group up, especially if few are familiar with the destination they are in.

An airport transfer can keep your group together, and also keep them organized. Along the same lines, companies can also use this to transfer a small group of employees from one place to another for business purposes.

Use Mini Bus Rental Services

There are plenty of uses for a mini bus rental, besides saving money on a school bus or a coach bus. It can keep you safe, take an intimate but large group from one place to another, and there are more flexible options in terms of purposes for this vehicle.

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