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Did you know that investing in Japanese washi paper can increase the longevity of your folders? The reason for this is because of the material and the manufacturing process. The longer fibers of the washi paper is more durable compared to pulp-based paper.

Even better, antimicrobial treatment is included during manufacturing, reducing the spread of germs. This makes them perfect for medical offices.

If you’re ready to invest in washi origami paper for your folders, the next step is file folder organization. Read on to learn about some of our top organization tips for Japanese file folders today!

Make Filing Easier

Your first step should be making filing as easy as possible. Before you file any paperwork, make sure you remove any paper clips or loose attachments. They should all be organized and stapled securely.

You’ll also want to make sure that the most recent file is at the top of the pile in reverse chronological order. If you frequently need to reference files from certain dates, highlight the date on each page so it’s easier to see on each file.

Create Separate Piles

Typically there are two things you’re doing with files: either adding to a new one or referencing an old one. With this in mind, make sure that you have two separate areas on your work desk in order to differentiate between the two.

Files and folders can add up, and making these two piles will keep everything organized even when you’re overwhelmed with work.

Set a Schedule

If your workplace doesn’t have one yet, it’s important to set a schedule both for filing and purging. For instance, choose one day each week to organize current files and put away old ones.

You also need to set a few days each year in order to purge or digitize older files. Not only will this keep your files more organized, but you’ll also free up more space for new folders that may not have a home.

Color Code Folders

It’s important to keep in mind that you can also choose to add color and designs to your file folder. Color coding them makes them easy to identify in a second without needing to open it up and peruse the contents.

For instance, green folders can be related to finance while red folders are related to customer information.

Organizing Your Office With a File Folder

By investing in file folders made of washi paper sheets, you’re investing in their durability for the long term. Even better, their antimicrobial treatment makes them safer for medical offices or busy offices where the folders are used often.

Once you make the investment, organizing them in smart ways can increase your productivity. An established system will help your organization keep track of important files and even ensure they’re HIPAA compliant.

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