How to Make Chrome Faster: Top Tips and Tricks


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Chrome is one of the best web browsers ever to hit the market. Currently, it enjoys a 63.58% share of the global browser market.

However, it sometimes gets slow. Various factors can lead to this occurrence, and it causes a lot of inconveniences. It becomes even worse when you are working on a project that requires quick actions, and so, you need to know how to make Chrome faster.

Some of the causes of sluggishness in opening pages and tabs may be default programs within the browser. However, some of them also emanate from your actions, which is why you have to check everything. A thorough analysis will help you improve the speed while adding effectiveness to your access and use of information through the browser.

This article will teach you how to make chrome faster in 2021.

Update Chrome

Start by checking the version of Chrome that you’re on and see if there are newer ones. This is because the application works best when you’re on the latest version. You may be surprised that there are new features that you’ve been missing, yet they can improve the way you access the internet and work on online projects.

Upgrading to the latest version of Chrome is easy because you can do it through the browser. If you are the one that often forgets to update your software, you may want to set alerts so that you know when is a new release is out. You may also want to set some of your applications to renew automatically so that you do not even have to check.

When you update a web browser, you enjoy the following benefits too:

  • Better security features
  • A better user interface
  • More browsing options
  • New add-ons and plugins
  • Compatibility with more applications

When the browser is compatible with more applications, it becomes faster because you can now get files from more sources and upload them to your online projects. You will also find it easier to network with other users.

Close Tabs Not in Use

Working with multiple tabs is always a good experience because it allows you to access all your resources at once. If you are creating a report that requires various sources, these tabs help you check each source without opening another browsing session. However, it could also be the reason your Chrome browser is not fast anymore.

Opening too many tabs slows down the application because of the bandwidth that is consumed by each one. The best way is only to open the tabs that you need at the moment and get rid of the rest. If you need too many tabs, you may consider splitting your project into several parts so that you only work with fewer open ones.

Stop Unwanted Processes

Opening the Chrome browser allows other processes to start because they depend on it, but you may not need them. These processes can function in the background, meaning that you may not even be aware of their existence. When they run, they will take up space on your RAM, which is how the browser becomes slower.

For example, when you want to know how to make Google chrome faster on windows 10, you first need to check your task list and see the tasks running alongside it. You will find a long list, which requires you to choose the ones to stop. It would be best if you also were on the lookout for pop-up windows that are not helpful at the moment.

Let the Browser Open Pages Faster

You can speed up Chrome up to 5 times faster if you let it carry out some of the functions automatically. For instance, did you know that you do not have to type an entire page when searching using Google on Chrome? The browser suggests possible phrases for you, and you can click on one to move fast.

It will also store your browsing history and remember your last browsing session so that you can go to it straight away when you turn on the computer. This means that you do not have to start from zero every time you power on your machine. With shortcuts and many other features, this browser makes your work much more manageable.

Remove Malware From Your Computer

Another reason why Chrome slows down is the presence of malware on your computer. Malware often tries to interfere with the operations of the browser by tapping into some links and recording information. It may also try to insert more data into your commands, which means that the application will take longer to load.

Sometimes, you may not even know when there is malware on your computer, and you may not see the damage that it is causing. However, you do not have to worry because the Chrome browser has features that allow you to search for these threats. Click on settings and find the option that will enable you to scan for malware, then see what the browser finds.

Reset To Default Settings

If you have tried all these options and nothing came out of it, you may want to reset the Chrome Browser to default settings. This means that you will be taking it back to where it was when you first installed it. All the updates made over time will be undone, but the browser will function optimally.

Resetting the browser eliminates any updates that were not properly installed, causing slow responses. For instance, if you remove Yahoo search from Chrome, it also gets rid of malicious programs that may have connected to the browser as you were using it. After resetting to default settings, you have to be careful with any new additions to the application.

Learn How To Make Chrome Faster

If you believe that your browser has slowed down because of unwanted programs, it is important to ask an expert to remove them. Knowing how to make Chrome faster involves understanding the programs that hinder its operations. With the help of experts, you will only be left with applications that are necessary for you.

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