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Did you take your business online because of the pandemic? Did you launch your business because you were stuck at home for a year? The early days of your new business or a big change in your business means a lot of long hours getting established.

Once you get established enough that you don’t worry every five minutes that your business is about to go under, you start looking for ways you can expand your business. If you’re in that stage of business, keep reading for five tech tips that will help you with that endeavor.

1. Accept Online Payments

You can lose potential customers if you don’t accept their preferred payment method or don’t accept online payments at all. With so much business happening online these days, many customers now use online payment methods that mask their credit card information.

Want to help your business? Get on board with online payments and payment methods.

2. Build an App

More and more companies now offer apps for their customers to conduct business or simply manage their accounts. An app is also a great tool for soft-touch marketing of new or upcoming products and services. While you might end up outsourcing your mobile application development, it can yield excellent results.

3. Productivity Tools

One key way you can grow your business or simply improve your business is by getting more out of everyone at the company. There are a host of productivity-boosting apps and software that help you and your employees get more done each day.

The more you accomplish, the happier you’ll leave your customers. Happy customers leave good reviews and make referrals, all of which drive

4. Go to the Cloud

Few technological advances reshaped business like the cloud. Cloud services can streamline processes and offer easy data backups. Just as importantly, you can host and run almost anything in the cloud, including essential software.

That lets that your employees can work remotely with comparative ease. Cloud services also make it easier for you to glean useful information from big data.

5. Invest in a CRM

How many customers are in your system that haven’t bought anything in the last six months or a year? Business growth is as much about retaining repeat customers as it is about bringing in new customers. Customer relationship management software can help you track and re-engage with customers who fell away from your products or services.

Tech Can Help You Expand Your Business

Tech can’t solve every problem for you, but it can help you expand your business. You can take advantage of software to boost productivity, retain or re-engage customers, and streamline processes. You can leverage cloud services for analytics and hosting software.

An app helps keep you front-of-mind for customers and offers marketing opportunities. Accepting online payments means you won’t lose people because they can’t pay you the way they want to pay for your product or service.

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