How to Grow Your Church Using Digital Media


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One of the best ways to grow your church is by using digital media. With church attendance down by 20% over the last 20 years, there’s never been a better time to pursue new growth strategies. The right marketing and branding campaign can encourage new people to visit your services!

Curious to learn more? Read on to find out how you can implement digital media strategies in your church!

Create a Strong Website

Starting a website is a critical part of promoting church growth. Use lots of professional images of church life and aim for a site that is easy to navigate. Don’t overload the homepage with too much text.

On your site, include links to information about the pastors, small groups, and mission of the church. Offer contact information for those who want to ask questions. Also, include links to your social media sites.

Look into live streaming for churches, too. This is a great way to broadcast worship services online so people can see what you’re all about!

Make Social Media Part of Your Digital Media Strategy

When it comes to digital media strategies, social media is essential. Set up a social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Then assign a staff member to take pictures, create graphics, and write posts.

Understand your church audience demographic first. Are you hoping to reach teenagers, or do you want more working adults? Determine your audience to tailor your visuals and writing style to them.

Then make sure to post updates at least a few times each week. This will help keep your audience engaged. Expanding your audience is easy with a strong and consistent social media presence.

Try Email Marketing

Email remains a strong way to keep people updated on what’s happening in your church. Provide a link on your website so people can sign up for your email list. And in church, have a sign-up board or welcome center where people can join.

Send monthly newsletters via email that describe updates, fundraising campaigns, and more. Use bold font to headline each section and splice in a few images. Your email newsletter should be readable and point people to the right resources.

Use an SEO Strategy to Promote Church Growth

Hoping to increase your church audience? You’ll need to write copy that directs people to your digital presence. That’s where understanding the impact of search engine optimization (SEO) is vital.

With SEO, you’ll choose common keywords that people would search for online and weave them into your writing. This is an easy strategy to use in blog posts that you produce for your website. You’ll help drive more traffic to your site!

Focus on Growth Strategies Now

Your church has the ability to flourish, but you need to use digital media to achieve that growth. Make sure you have an inviting website as your virtual home, and include content on the nature of your church. Feature links to other social media pages — and promote your virtual presence during in-person services!

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