The Common Types of SEO: A Simple Guide


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If you’re not optimizing your website using SEO and your company has a weak online presence, you’re losing out on valuable opportunities for growth. No matter the size of your business, you can benefit by utilizing SEO in its many forms.

Not sure what types of SEO exist and how they can benefit you? Read on to discover the many types of search engine optimization tactics and how to use them effectively.


The technical aspects of SEO include the website’s backend, your website structure and URL, the web design, the user experience, and so on. In short, all the technical aspects of optimization.

Having a technically optimized website allows search engines to crawl your site and understand the content.

When it comes to all types of SEO, strategy is key. However, technical SEO is where many business owners struggle.

Using a design and marketing firm can take all the stress off you. If you need help with your company’s SEO, can help with everything from web design to marketing.


As you may have guessed, on-page SEO deals with the web page and the content of your website. For optimal on-page SEO, you should consider your page titles, headers, the formatting on the page, and the image name and description.

Headings and subheadings make content easier to read and inform search engines that this content is simple to scan. You’ll want to consider your image names, the file size, and any ALT text.

On-page SEO also covers content. Does your website have quality content with relevant keywords? Are the posts you publish long enough, and does the context make sense?

All these factors impact your website’s ranking.


On the other hand, off-site SEO deals with how you promote your website and business. Two of the most common and crucial ways to do this include link building and promoting your brand.

Brand promotion is fairly straightforward but involves a lot of work. You want people talking about your business in a positive light outside of your website, such as on social media.

Link building includes getting quality backlinks from trusted sources. Think of backlinks as votes of confidence or signs of trust. However, the source does matter.

Backlinks from high domain authority websites provide more benefits for you. Keep in mind you don’t want to be annoying when creating backlinks, or it might hurt your ranking and reputation.

Mobile SEO

Almost 56% of web traffic comes from a mobile device, such as a smartphone.

Mobile-friendliness isn’t its own type of SEO but a critical part of optimization in general. Your website and content should be easy to access and view on a mobile device.

Local SEO

Again, this isn’t a separate kind of SEO but a reference to a type of website optimization that works best for local businesses. Local SEO allows you to focus on your target market—customers in your area.

If you’re not a local business, you may not need to worry about localized content.

Learn More About the Different Types of SEO

We’ve barely skimmed the surface of SEO types with this post, but hopefully, you’ve learned enough to understand the importance. Your journey shouldn’t end here; there’s much more about search engine optimization and the types of SEO to learn!

If you want to take the next step and optimize your website, read some of our other business posts before you go.




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