Is a Car Accident Lawyer Really Necessary? How to Make Your Decision


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Should I or should I not hire a car accident lawyer?

If you’re in this dilemma, it’s clear you’ve recently been involved in a car accident. Thankfully, you came out of it alive. However, this doesn’t mean you should let the matter go, especially if you believe another party was at fault for the accident.

While some car accident cases are straightforward and don’t need any input from a lawyer, others can be complex and time-consuming, needing the input of a lawyer. You shouldn’t hire a lawyer if you don’t have to, but knowing when to lawyer up can make a big difference.

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You Were Involved in a Serious Car Accident

You’ll know a serious car accident when you see one. There will be badly damaged vehicles and the victims will sustain serious injuries. Others will die.

If any of this describes the car accident you were involved in, it’s important to hire an auto accident lawyer. In most cases, a severe accident means the resulting case will have high stakes. If a victim died, for example, it’s possible that their family will press wrongful death charges, you carry big penalties.

Does this mean you shouldn’t hire an attorney if a car accident wasn’t serious? That’s not what we’re implying. Even a mere fender-bender can necessitate you to hire a lawyer if you can’t work out a simple agreement with the other driver.

You’re Being Blamed for the Accident

The repercussions of being at fault for an accident depend on whether you’re in an at-fault state or a no-fault state.

In no-fault states, drivers in an accident are required to square out the damages and financial losses with their insurance providers. However, if the coverage maxes out, it’s possible for one party to sue the one responsible for the accident.

In at-fault states, though, it’s the driver at fault who’s responsible for the other party’s losses. If you live in such a state and the police have established that you’re at fault for an accident, lawyer up.

Even if you’re adequately insured, the other party can take advantage and claim far more than they deserve. If your coverage isn’t sufficient, they can come after you with a lawsuit.

A competent attorney will ensure nobody is taking advantage of you just because you’re at fault. If you need help finding an experienced attorney who you can trust to fight for you, read this article.

You Need Prolonged Treatment

If you want to pursue or face a car accident case without an attorney, you at least need to be actively present. This won’t be the case if you sustained injuries that need you to get prolonged treatment.

If you’re hospitalized or need to be under home rest for several days or weeks, it’s best to hire a car accident attorney to handle the matter on your behalf as you get treatment. Trying to tackle a case on your own while you’re still recovering will only work against both your health and your case.

Time to Make a Decision on Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

To this end, you have just about enough information on when to hire a car accident lawyer. To recap, though, if the accident was bad, you were injured, or you’re being sued, don’t hesitate to lawyer up.

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