How Your Business Website Stats Can Get You More Traffic


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With nearly 2 billion websites online today, it can be hard for a new site to aggregate the kind of attention it wants. One of the key ways that newbies find ways to engage with audiences, build a following, and ultimately, become profitable, is by understanding their website stats.

Website stats is a term that covers a bevy of metrics you might track via a tool like Google Analytics. By understanding your website stats, you can mine insights that can affect how you operate your business.

To help you better understand how website stats and success are intertwined, below, our team breaks down specific things stats can help you accomplish. Keep reading to discover what they are!

Know What Content People Like

What brings people to your website is quality content. The trick to producing quality content is understanding what kinds of content might resonate best with your audience.

Through website stats, you can see which of your pages are the most popular with readers and perhaps more importantly, which pages retain readers for the longest periods of time.

If you can find themes in the content that seems to do the best, you can make a concerted effort to produce more of what’s working and hopefully, boost your website’s engagement.

See Where Inbound Traffic Lands

Do you know which page on your website is finding the most success with search engines? You should.

By leveraging website stats, you can see the page that most internet users are landing on when they find you. That can alert you to which page on your site is your most valuable (as it’s bringing you the most clients) and can lead you to strategize how you can make that page serve your intended ends better.

Figure Out Where Bounce Rates Are High

Bounce rates are statistics that tell us how long people stayed on a page before they left. If you’re noticing that a page has a high bounce rate, that could be an indicator that something is wrong.

For example, a page that’s not loading correctly would have a high bounce rate. A page that’s slow to load would also have a high bounce rate.

Assessing bounce rates lets you find opportunities to refine website performance and hopefully, retain more users.

Better Understand Your Demographic

A key indicator that can help you shape your brand is your most avid customer’s demography. For example, if you’re referencing your website stats and find that most of your users are women age 60, you can ask yourself if your content and marketing collateral hyper-serves that demo.

That’s a powerful question because if you use analytics to better serve your customers, you can be sure that your customers will be more likely to do business with you. And if you find yourself getting tripped up by the breadth of demographic data available to you, work with consulting teams like CSG Solutions to help you better assess and ingest numbers into your decision-making process.

Website Stats Are Reliable Traffic Boosters

Thousands of people try to cook up clever solutions on how to increase traffic to their website. Before you fall into any traps as you aim to achieve that end, we recommend leaning on your website stats.

By using website stats and having a willingness to tailor your content and site to what you’re seeing, you just about guarantee yourself long-term success in your endeavors.

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