Someone Needs a Job. Her Name is Alexa.

Bob Goldman on

Looking for an employee who is responsive, knowledgeable, works 24/7, never complains and never takes a vacation?

Meet Alexa.

Alexa is currently employed by Amazon, but I'm not sure she'll have that job for long. According to a recent article by Karen Weise in The New York Times, the high-tech megaretailer is laying off some 10,000 workers, an initiative that targets the area where Alexa so tirelessly labors.

"The cuts will focus on Amazon's device organization," reports Weise, "including the voice assistant Alexa."

The company has also announced layoffs in its retail division and its human resources organization. While it is amusing to consider the confusion in the Amazon chicken coop as the HR chickens run around madly, trying to fire one another, our sympathy must lie with Alexa, a reliable and loyal Amazon worker who is not only close to our heart but, also, close to our home.

It's true. Once you have purchased the bare minimum of Echo devices, including Echo Dots, Echo Shows, Echo Speakers and Echo Auto, not to mention Alexa-enabled devices like Amazon Smart Thermostat, Wyze Lightbulbs, Amazon Astro robots and Amazon's Glow for Kids, you probably have Alexa in every room of your house. Sure, you could dismiss her as a virtual assistant, soulless and devoid of feeling, but is this any reason she should be unplugged and abandoned, left to fend for herself in a shrinking, stinking high-tech job market?


How would you feel looking for work when the top skill on your resume is informing people when their meatloaf should come out of the oven?

(One has to wonder if Amazon management considered using laid-off workers to replace the crabby, uncooperative citizens of Rotterdam, who balked at taking down a landmark bridge built in 1877 so that Jeff Bezos could move his $500 million, 417-foot superyacht out of their harbor?

Somehow, I doubt it.)

If you think it will be easy for Alexa to find a new gig, consider that the career path for virtual assistant positions can be rocky.


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