Work Now, Get Paid Never

Bob Goldman on

It's a law of nature.

Seven interviews make one weak.

But if you think that surviving seven interviews is going to get you hired, you're sadly mistaken. Consider, if you will, the experience of one disgruntled job seeker who took their dissatisfaction with a potential employer's extenuated hiring practices to Karla L. Miller, the workplace columnist of The Washington Post.

According to the applicant, writes Miller, in addition to the multiple interviews, the candidate was also asked "to complete an assessment consisting of my recommendations for four different hypothetical situations."

The questionable company in question did offer to pay $500 for this assessment, which may be a sign of a generous nature or a Scrooge-worthy trick to get a passel of useful information for peanuts.

And, oh yes, after the assessment was completed, before a job would be offered or not, the company demanded four more interviews.


For columnist Miller, the company may indeed be committed to an in-depth hiring procedure, somewhat akin to what you faced when you OD'd on Marvel movies and applied for a management position with the Maggia. (I told you that a recommendation from Count Nefaria would not be sufficient to get you hired.)

Or they could be committed to getting a lot of work done on the cheap, figuring that by the time a candidate finished 11 mind-numbing interviews, they'd forget to ask for or cash their rather puny paycheck.

If you think you could never be ensnarled in such a devious recruitment scheme, think again. People looking for jobs can be vulnerable and easily deceived. (People who already have jobs can be vulnerable and easily deceived, too, but not everything is about you.)

In her exegesis, Miller gets all legalistic about the situation, pointing out that "working interviews are legal as long as the applicant is getting paid and the payment is equivalent to or greater than the minimum wage."


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