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Here's the good news: The economy is opening up and there are jobs you can qualify for.

Here's the bad news: The economy is opening up and there are jobs you must interview for.

The interview. It's the biggest -- and shortest -- stumbling block between you and a long, successful career. It's scary to think that 30 minutes of chit and 30 minutes of chat could change your entire life, but that's the way it was when you would interview, toe to toe, in some anonymous conference room, and it's still the same today when you interview from the discomfort of your home. The interview may be virtual, but the terror is real.

Fortunately, you can hide behind the skirts of Vanessa Friedman of The New York Times, who just published a therapeutic article in her "Ask Vanessa" column.

The question du jour: "What Should I Wear to a Zoom Interview?"

Now, you may think that what you wear is the least important part of a virtual interview, and you may be right, but before you start burrowing through the sea of sweatpants that fill your closet, it would be worthwhile to evaluate the clothes you used to wear when going to work meant you left your kitchen table.


It was Elizabeth of Brooklyn who asked Vanessa for guidance on the matter. To get into the nitty-gritty, Elizabeth is starting to Zoomerview, but is torn between a corporate look -- "black blazer, dress, jewelry and makeup," which she is afraid is "too stodgy and old-school looking" -- and "pretty hippie blouses with embroidery and floral patterns," a look which she feels is "not respectful somehow."

Not an easy choice to make.

On the one hand, there are important advantages to stodgy. Stodgy says you're not going to make trouble by being hyperaggressive and super successful, making everyone else on the team look bad, especially the person who is doing the interview.

On the other hand, there is much in favor of going nuts and going hippie. Rampant individualism is catnip to groovy web start-ups, weeks away from going belly up.


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