A Roll Is a Raise

Bob Goldman on

Warning, Will Robinson! (And warning to you, too, Wilhelmina Robinson!)

Love all the money you are saving by working from home? Well, that could change. If certain companies move forward with their newest, nefarious schemes, working remotely could significantly reduce your paycheck.

Say what?

The nefarious idea here is that companies would index the amount they pay you to reflect the amount that you pay for the basic essentials of life -- housing, food, a subscription to the Cartoon Network.

There is a certain sinister logic to this idea.

Say you are working remotely from Toad Suck, Arkansas. You moved to Toad Suck from San Francisco because working remotely meant you no longer had to live within commuting distance of your job, so why shouldn't you take advantage of the low cost of living in Toad Suck, not to mention a population so small that you had a really good chance to be voted Toad Queen at the annual Toad Suck Daze Parade.


Say also that a co-worker -- let's call him "me" -- has remained in San Francisco. The result is that while you're living high off the hog in a 1,000-square foot luxury penthouse above the flour mill costing $150 a month, I live like a hog in a 100-square foot cubby I share with four roommates costing $1,500 a month. Each.

Is it fair? We have the exact same job and the exact same salary, yet by living in Toad Suck, you live like a king, and I live like a -- well, like a toad. No matter how you look at it, your salary goes a whole lot further than my salary.

Not that there's very far to go in Toad Suck, but you get the point.

This is where your employer's scheme kicks in.


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