The Oreo Solution

Bob Goldman on

Have I got news for you!

Mondelez International is going all-in when it comes to letting its employees work from home.

Or so I learned in a recent issue of "Coronavirus Daily," a regular feature you can listen to on "All Things Considered" or read about on NPR's website.

"Get a Comfortable Chair: Permanent Work From Home Is Coming" is the title of the Uri Berliner's piece. (It's characterized as a "3-minute listen," as if we had 3 minutes to spare in our busy, busy schedules.)

The main message in Berliner's report is that many of the companies that have encouraged employees to work from home are so happy with the results -- and the savings -- they have decided "the benefits of remote work outweigh the drawbacks."

Not exactly a shock for cutting-edge tech companies like Twitter and Facebook, but it has apparently come as something of a surprise for old-school enterprises like Nationwide Insurance and Morgan Stanley.


And, of course, Mondelez International.

If you've never heard of Mondelez, you have certainly have heard of their products, many of which are in your homes -- and, probably, in your fingers -- right now. Ritz Crackers, Wheat Thins and Honey Grahams are just three of the snacking stars in the Mondelez firmament.

Of course, the superstar -- the supernova -- is Oreo.

You can see where this is headed, right?


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