The Zoom of Doom

Bob Goldman on

Got an important Zoom meeting scheduled? Got the meeting invitation burning a hole in your inbox? I have advice for you.


Don't open the invitation. Don't schedule the meeting. Don't even think of attending.

Yes, your absence will be noted, and, of course, your manager will be peeved, but when the meeting ends, you'll have something the actual attendees don't have.

You'll have your job.

I hate to rain on your Zoomy parade, but management has put an element of menace in our wonderful new way of working -- a virtual workstyle that does not require commuting or spending days in crowded offices or, for that matter, putting on our pants.


I'm sad to say the reason for your next Zoom may not be quite so wonderful.

Your manager doesn't want your involvement.

What your manager wants is your termination.

If virtual meetings are an efficient way to get work done, companies are learning they are also quite effective in getting work to stop. This technological innovation is less positive for employees.


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