Virtual Meetings Get Real

Bob Goldman on

Everyone loves virtual meetings, right? When we hear Zoom, our hearts go "Zing!"

Or do they?

Once you've had a few dozen virtual meetings (today!), you know that success in cyberspace exposes you to a new set of challenges.

Consider early morning meetings.

To participate, you have to turn on your computer, which means you have to find your computer, which means you have to crawl under your bed and hope that the remains of the pizza you ordered two weeks ago have not been declared a toxic Superfund site.

And it gets worse.


Once you've found your computer, you have to remember your computer password -- not easy at a time of day when you have a tough time remembering your name. Then you must open the meeting app and, probably, enter another password, which was on the meeting invite email, which you then have to find -- not easy to do when you have a few dozen unopened emails (today!).

Once you've gotten in and gotten out of the annoying "waiting room" experience, your problems are just beginning.

In Zoomland, everyone is a star. No longer can you melt into the background in a distant corner of the conference table. It's time for your close-up, baby. Everyone will see your looks of disgust and despair as the meeting drags on.

Is this progress -- all the stress and strain required to participate in a meeting you didn't want to attend in the first place?


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