Wake Up!

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For many people, every new morning is an occasion to celebrate all the wonderful opportunities in the day ahead. These energetic, optimistic human people wake up ready to jump out of bed and jump into their lives.

And then there's you.

You lie in your bed, mentally surveying all the potential snares and unredeemable disasters that surely lie ahead.

The likelihood that you will jump out of bed and jump into the fire keeps you frozen in the percales. You've gotten out of bed before to meet the morning, and the results have not been good.

Why in the world would you ever want to attempt such a foolish act again?

Eating regularly is the only good reason I can come up with, and I'm not sure even the promise of three squares a day is a sufficient reason to get out of bed. Danielle Braff has a different point of view.


Braff is the author of "7 Morning Habits that can Affect Your Entire Day," an article I recently came across on the website Mental Floss.

According to Braff and her experts, what you do -- and don't do -- in the early a.m. can "set the right tone for the rest of your day."

Stop yawning, and let's take a look.

No. 1: Hitting the Snooze Button


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