Putting the Pro in Productivity

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The first month of the new year is almost over, and I have to say you've made amazing strides in maximizing your productivity.

I have to say it, but it isn't true.

You're the same sluggish, distracted underperformer you were in 2019, maybe even worse. This isn't the productivity boost you resolved to achieve, nor is it what your managers expected after that harrowing, end-of-the-year pep talk you received instead of an end-of-the-year bonus.

But there's still hope.

Drag yourself off that couch and read "Nine Productivity Experts on How You Can Finally Beat Distractions and Get Everything Done," a Lindsay Tigar article for Fast Company.

Or, if that's too much productivity for you, lie back down and I'll review a few highlights.


Making her our No. 1 favorite performance coach ever, Raphaela O'Day suggests that you "perform microbursts of physical activity." I'm not so hot on the "bursts," but the "micro" concept is fantastic.

O'Day describes a microburst as "a brisk walking meeting" or the decision to "walk up and down a flight of stairs between conference calls." Unfortunately, these activities seem more macro than micro, especially for someone in your physical condition.

A more appropriate microburst for you is to pick up a jelly donut and wolf it down. Repeat this exercise two or three times a day and you'll see that "mini, short-lived bursts of energy" can indeed make an impact -- on your productivity and on your waistline.

"Don't skip meals" is the advice of nutritionist Alyssa Tucci. As she explains, "When we skip meals our blood sugar drops, which saps our energy and can make it hard to concentrate."


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