Happy New Tears!

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Remember way back in 2019? You made a bold resolution -- a promise to yourself that you would stop being a wimp at work. Instead, you would gird your loins and loin your girds and finally ask for that promotion you so richly deserve.

And you did it! You cornered your slippery sleaze of a manager and made your demands known in no uncertain terms. Good on you!

So, let's move on to the happy ending of this story, where courage and fairness pay off in a big new title and big fat raise to go with it.

Or maybe not. Your manager said no? Yes!

No promotion. No explanation. No chance of anything career positive happening for you any time in the future.

This leaves you with a dilemma and a question.


"What to Do After You Don't Get a Promotion?"

As luck would have it, this is the title of an article by Madeleine Burry on The Balance Careers website.

Burry knows that having being refused for a promotion can be "demoralizing and discouraging." And, as you now know, when you start the process already feeling demoralized and discouraged, it hurts even more.

Assuming that your company's health insurance does not include grief counseling, you may have to fall back on the practical advice in Burry's article, a smattering of which I include below.


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