Charmed, I'm Sure

Bob Goldman on

You're very smart. You're extremely loyal. You even work hard at your job (on occasion).

Yet, your career is going nowhere. You're not advancing in your company. You're not getting job offers from outside your company. On LinkedIn, you're Linked Out.

Do you know what's missing?

Charm! You don't got no charm.

Charm is a squishy attribute, I admit, but you instantly know who has it and who doesn't. George Clooney has it. I have it. You -- that's another story.

The happy ending of that sorry story is that you can become charming. Not as charming as George or me, of course, but charming enough to make a difference in what we laughingly call your career.


And Tiffanie Wen knows just how to do it.

"The Tricks to Make Yourself Effortlessly Charming" is the title of a recent article penned by Wen for BBC Worklife.

One totally unsurprising revelation in the piece is that "research has proven the people we meet often make judgments about us based purely on the way we look."

While the cost of the extensive plastic surgery required to make one look charming is significant (I speak for my case. What George spent, I don't know.), there are noninvasive tricks to turn your face into your fortune.


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