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Good news!

You are only 11 steps away from getting promoted.

So says Libby Kane, the author of "Bosses Tell Us: 11 Things That Will Get You Promoted," a recent post on The Muse website.

Kane is quick to put the kibosh on typical, woo-woo, wishy-washy advice. "And we don't mean 'be more confident' or 'be more passionate,'" she writes. "We mean specific actions you can take to impress your superiors -- and take home a bigger paycheck."

Sounds good to me. Let's start steppin'!

Step No. 1 recommends you "Tell Me I'm Wrong."

That's right! At least one boss is waiting for you to call them out. "I love when someone smart challenges my thinking," one manager insists. Of course, the criticism is supposed to come from a smart person, which pretty much rules out thee and me, but it's still worth a try.

"You know, boss, I've been working here for quite a while, and I've recently realized that things go wrong because you're an idiot," is one good way to serve up your criticism du jour.

Be prepared that your boss may show his appreciation for your honesty by sending two burly security guards to carry you and your Tatty Teddy collection to the street, which, considering your current job, would definitely qualify as a promotion.

"Bring the Bad News First" is step No. 2. Easy peasy. Just start every day by showing up at your boss's office and announcing, "I'm here!"


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