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Let's face it: You love your job so much that the idea of taking a vacation is totally ridiculous.

Why would you exchange all that invigorating stress for lazing around a talcum-powder white beach with a cold margarita? You'd have to be crazy!

Well, you are crazy, and that explains why you will be taking a vacation, like it or not.

If you think seeing yourself in a bathing suit is the worst part of planning a vacation, you're not even close. The real pain comes before you even pack a bag.

It's writing your out-of-office message.

Author Alison Green recognizes the problem, which is probably why she wrote "How to Write an Out-of-Office Message," a recent post on The Cut website.

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Before she gets positive and helpful, Green describes the kind of messages you want to avoid -- like out-of-office messages that give too much information.

"We don't need to know that you're out for a day of medical testing," she writes, incorrectly. We absolutely need to know the doctor's name, the complete test results and a full diagnosis of what the doctor thinks is wrong with you. (We have to know if what we think is wrong with you really is.)

While some people believe they demonstrate how important they are by "listing a dozen people to contact for various things in the person's absence," Green considers it a mistake. Especially since anyone who needs to catch up on your doings need only contact one person -- the bartender at the Kit Kat Klub.

(If you do list one person who will be covering everything you do and that person actually works in your office, watch out. That person will be spending every moment you're gone trying to take your job.)


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