Generation Z and Thee

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Interesting discussion at the Flat Earth Society last night.

Not only did our ruling overlords withhold the indisputable fact that the Earth is not round, but the powers that be have also kept from us the undeniable truth that the first human beings on our (flat) Earth were born in 1981.

Or so it seems.

1981 is the year generally accepted in scholarly circles as the date of first appearance of the millennial. Now, there may be truth to the rumors that before the millennials, we had baby boomers (1946-1964) and Gen Xers (roughly 1965-1980); but if this is true, which I doubt, there is certainly no doubt that all we have talked about in recent years are the shopping, buying and working habits of the millennials.

I'm right, right?

How many articles have you read about the care and feeding of millennials? How to hire them, how to fire them and how to work with them in between.


Well, guess what -- millennials are old news! In 1995, the millennials started fading away and, in their place, a new generation started hitting the workforce.

And so we say farewell to the lazy, self-obsessed, entitled millennials and say hello to the lazy, self-obsessed, entitled Generation Z.

Or so it seems.

As Serenity Gibbons explains in "How To Adapt To Working With The Gen Z Talent Pool," her recent Forbes article, Generation Z is very different from the generations that came before.


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