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Do you need a decision coach?

While you're trying to decide, let me introduce you to Nell Wulfhart, the author of "Decide This for Me," a helpful feature on The Muse website.

Wulfhart sees her job as helping people to "quit procrastinating, make important decisions, and move on with their lives."

Alas, I didn't utilize the decision coach's decision-making process to solve a major career dilemma I recently faced. The situation was a working lunch with my manager. The scene was a gourmet bistro near the office. There I was, cruising confidently along the steam table at the Smorgy Bob's, showing my financial acuity by passing up vegetables and loading up on Sea Legs, when I was suddenly faced with a critical decision.

Do I pick the tried-and-true Meatloaf Fantasia, and prove to my boss that I couldn't think out of the box, or do I demonstrate my risk-taking nature by going with an upstart international newcomer, Tuna Parmesan Parisian? Going with my gut, I decided on the tuna. As my gut quickly found out, this was a very bad decision, although I was able to move on -- in this case, in an ambulance.

"Should I Tell My Boss I Am Not Happy At Work?" is a recent decision du jour for the decision coach.

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Utilizing her mastery of the Socratic method, Wulfhart takes you through eight yes and no answers, each response containing the information that could make it the right decision. It's an excellent technique that should improve your decision-making process.

Caution: This technique could be very disorienting, considering you've never make a right decision in your life.

Also, I am not sure that the decision coach is truly savvy about what it takes to succeed in today's workplace. For example, Wulfhart thinks that admitting you're not a happy camper could go horribly wrong if the boss thinks "you're looking for another job and starts treating you as such."

This is not the way work works. In fact, making your boss think you could leave is the best reason you'll ever have to stay.


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