The Hunted and the Hunters

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Which are you?

Networking guru Chris Fralic sees the world as divided between the Hunters and the Hunted. Hunters network because there's something they want -- money, introductions to people with money, introductions to people who can introduce them to other people with money.

The Hunted have what Hunters want, but they'd just as soon keep it for themselves.

Hunters have a variety of powerful weapons at their disposal -- emails, telephone calls and, most personal of all, accidental face-to-face meetings carefully choreographed after months of stalking.

In the face of this firepower, the Hunted have very few defenses. They can fly away to their private island in their private Gulfstream G500, of course, but despite the surroundings of wealth and luxury, they are prey and vulnerable to the basic human desire for connection.

Yes, connection. Scientists know that our earliest Neanderthal ancestors would never have had to beat each other over the head with clubs if they only could have been Facebook friends. ("Hey, Ooog! Thag tagged you in a photo.")

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In "How to Become Insanely Well-Connected," a recent article in First Round Review, Fralic, a successful venture capitalist, proves he is different than the typical Hunted. He tries to make a connection with the countless Hunters who want to hang his money belt on their wall. This is no small feat. Every year he receives and "responds thoughtfully" -- to over 10,000 emails.

I know this is true, because 9,999 of those emails came from me.

So intent is Fralic on making these connections that he created "Fralic's 7 Rules for Making Memorable Connections."

The rules make a lot of sense, but they are not easy to follow. Consider rule No. 1, "convey genuine appreciation." Whichever nudnik manages to buttonhole you, you respond as if you were "genuinely happy to see them."


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