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It's time to talk about your split personality.

You No. 1 is a dynamic go-getter whose high-powered career is full of accomplishments and challenges, successfully met. You No. 1 is also outgoing, well-connected and constantly engaged in activities that make everyone wish they could meet you.

You No. 2 is a dynamic leave-me-aloner whose low-powered career is full of blunders and failures, successfully covered up. You No. 2 is also introverted, unconnected and constantly engaged in activities that make everyone wish they had never met you.

What's the difference?

You No. 1 is the you people see on social media. You No. 2 is the real you.

Having a presence on social media is generally considered one of the basic requirements of having a career. Unless you're constantly developing your personal brand on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter, you pretty much don't exist.

That's a problem.

Being invisible on social media means you can't be found by headhunter bots. If they can't find you in the digital universe, they can't offer you a signing bonus payable in bitcoins or a leased Tesla, pre-programmed to drive you directly to the Kit Kat Klub for an $18 martini served with a gluten-free olive and a hand-whittled tooth pick that you can write off on your limitless expense account.

Or maybe not.

"Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It" is the title of a column Georgetown Professor Cal Newport recently published in The New York Times.


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