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With hiring managers, how magnificence you are may not override how annoying you are. Besides, no one would ever believe you are smart, especially you.

One opinion shared by all the consultants and coaches is that if you are talking too much, you are listening too little. Hartmann believes that masterful communicators "spend far more time using their ears than their voices."

Long talkers are advised to ask questions, a technique you should try. After all, any question can spark an answer that will allow you to talk even longer.

If you're wondering about a 12-step program for curing talkaholicism, you're flat out of luck. When talkaholics get to step No. 9, make amends, they're so verbose that their victims run out of the room. This leaves life hacks, like covering your mouth with plumber's tape before you interview. Or you can lock yourself in a closet for a week with a 24-hour talk radio station, and let the endless babble destroy what's left of your cerebral cortex.

Will talk therapy keep you from talking too much?

I really don't want to talk about it.


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