How To Change The Work Environment Without Quitting

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Q: I like my job and the people I work with, but I find myself struggling to stay motivated and productive at work. It's a small privately owned company, so everyone's friendly and I start my day feeling happy and ready to get stuff done. After the first few hours in my cubicle with uncomfortable, dingy and somewhat torn furniture, I focus on ...Read more

Set Up For Failure

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Q: After 10 years, I resigned from my position as a department director at a medium-sized company. I had been asked to take on a second full-time position in addition to my job, and I could not refuse. My boss said I was the strongest producer and added the greatest value. After one year, I knew I had to leave because of the many hours needed to...Read more

Worker Happy With No-Stress No-Goals Job

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Q: While others are consumed with finding themselves and getting into the right careers, I am happy in my no-stress, casual atmosphere, and easy-task job. My problem isn't my job. It's all my friends who can't seem to leave me alone about it. They vary between the friends who continually email me job leads in corporate settings and those who ...Read more

Bring Your Dog to Work Day

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Q: I work at a medium-sized, privately owned company that is much like an extended family without the arguments. When people disagree, they discuss things. No one ever yells or shouts, and there is certainly no swearing. That's why I am surprised at the response I received.

Not much was going on at work, and we had some very quiet days. The two...Read more

Who Is The Boss?

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Q: I am a psychotherapist with a client who has had an ongoing problem that involves his workplace and boss. I hope you can tell us what the proper protocol is in this situation. My client, "Jim," took a part-time job as an assistant to an elderly man who handled public relations for nonprofit events. Jim was interviewed and hired by one of the ...Read more

How To Write Your Own Evaluation

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Q: We just received a memo stating we have to write our own evaluations. It is not a loose assignment; we have to directly answer 10 questions on the form. Many questions involved, double questions asking us to describe what we think about our current job requirements and duties and the company itself. They've asked for our suggestions for ...Read more

Working Too Fast?

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Q: My dream job began at a small startup. The owner is 31 and dynamic. My immediate supervisor is 28 and I'm 26. The three of us are high energy and focused on getting things done, as there's a load to do. We don't know why, but the owner had also hired a person over both of us who is supposed to create and organize the projects. We could have...Read more

Facing The Future Of Replacement

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Q: Our organization has slowly cut employees and is outsourcing jobs that don't need to be done at the company. Some of these cuts have forced others to take on extra jobs. Management told us we can't work overtime because the budget doesn't allow for it. It's the kind of treatment that causes strikes, but are not union so striking is not a ...Read more

How To Deal With A Workplace Stalker

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Q: I am a gay man with both gay and heterosexual friends. I befriended a heterosexual woman who is now stalking me at work. She was lively and entertaining at first. Soon after, I saw her as narcissistic and controlling, getting openly angry publically without embarrassment. For example, she'd want to meet for lunch. Ten minutes into the ...Read more

Take A Shortcut To Choosing The Right Career

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Q: I worked part-time through college and now I'm looking for a full-time job. People have told me to do whatever I feel like because now is the time for me to be free. My parents told me they can't continue supporting me, and even if they could, I don't want to be a spoiled brat who never takes responsibility. I went to school with kids like ...Read more

Train Yourself When No One Else Will

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Q: I got an entry-level position in a small human resource department after graduating with a general business degree from (to be honest) an average school. I know I should feel lucky to have been hired, and I'm doing the work I've been given, which hasn't been difficult. But I'm already wondering how long I can work in this job.

My coworker is...Read more

How To Tell Your Coworker To Shut Up

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Q: One of our coworkers is obnoxious when she talks about her husband. The minute she opens her mouth about him, she uses every exaggerated and overrated descriptive imaginable, like handsome, beautiful, intelligent, generous, important and so on -- it makes us gag. We don't know whether she is trying to talk herself into thinking those things...Read more

A Year Here And There Is No Way To Build A Career

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Q: This is my first serious job after graduating. My boss puts a lot of trust in me and lets me do almost all of her writing. I do her business letters to other executives, create ideas for promotions at some events and I get to attend as her assistant. What I am not allowed to do is to say that I wrote or came up with the ideas for anything. ...Read more


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