All Clicks are NOT Created Equal

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There are lots of folks out there these days selling "traffic", "clicks", "likes", and so forth. We understand the pressure to produce results, and cheap traffic can seem tempting.

Please contact us here at ArcaMax if you need some quality last minute traffic for your Q4 totals. By all means, don't do what this guy did in ...Read more

ArcaMax Releases Free Ebook!

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Have you tried to publish a newsletter to your traffic but didn't get the results you wanted? If so, you're not alone. Commercial email can be tough for those who don't do it regularly.

Perhaps ArcaMax's co-branded newsletter platform can help. We work with sites that want to generate more revenue and retain more of the traffic ...Read more

Meet ArcaMax at Ad-Tech New York!

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ArcaMax will be represented next week at Ad Tech NY at the Javits Center. Please let us know if you'd like to connect!

Richard Young, Andy Summerlin and Scott Wolf will be at the show to meet with our clients and partners. Unlike some other industry events, we won't have a booth or table, so we'll need to set up a meeting in advance...Read more

The Marketing and Online Testing Dictionary from Marketing Experiments

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Quick quiz.... do you know what all of these stand for? HTML, HTTP, SEO, SMO, SERP, KPI, IP, LPO, API, ASP, UGC, CSS, CPL, CPC, CPA, CRM and CLV? (phew!)

The definitions for all of these and a lot more are all available from the good people at Marketing Experiments in their free online marketing and testing dictionary, available ...Read more

Data to Help You Write Email Subject Lines

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Chances are that you use email in your online marketing. It takes a huge amount of emphasis to get your prospect to become interested in your offer. Perhaps you buy media, build a landing page, and then optimize that page so that they'll opt-in to receive more information. Yes! You now have a prospect and permission to communicate with them. ...Read more

Some Marketing History about Guarantees, Pricing and Advertising

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We recommend you take a moment and read about the life of John Wanamaker. Here is a page in Wikipedia summarizing his life.

Among his many accomplishments, you might notice that Wanamaker is credited with popularizing the fixed-price system in selling goods as a ...Read more

Three Things I Learned While My Plane Crashed

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Normally this newsletter discusses some aspect of online marketing, intended to help you become more successful in your business. Today's edition is a bit different, and we hope you'll find it as meaningful as we do here at ArcaMax.

This short video from Ric Elias was presented at a TED conference. He tells about an experience that changed ...Read more

It's showtime again! LeadsCon NY is at the NY Hilton next week.

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Are you headed to LeadsCon in New York next week? If so, the ArcaMax team would be delighted to see you there.

Charles Strauss, Andy Summerlin and Tracey Cooper will be working hard on the LeadsCon show. This year, we'll have a suite in the Hilton. Let's set up a time to talk!

We welcome the opportunity to discuss ways to grow business with ...Read more

Online Marketing IS Testing

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I first heard those words years ago from a guy who worked for a company called Marketing Experiments. We've mentioned them many times in this newsletter.

Huh? Marketing is marketing and testing is testing, or so I thought. Over the years, I’ve come to realize the wisdom in these words. Having had direct response experience from ...Read more

Affiliate Summit East in New York

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Are you headed to Affiliate Summit in New York at the Marriot Marquis next week? If so, the ArcaMax team would be delighted to see you there!

Richard Young, Christine Passo, Andy Summerlin, Tracey Cooper and Scott Wolf will be working hard at the Sunday Meet Market at table 622! We should be easy to find; the table is centrally located in ...Read more


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