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Book offers tips for ranks of female breadwinners

PITTSBURGH -- As Farnoosh Torabi researched and wrote her latest book, "When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women," she was on a mission to understand how to navigate the financial and psychological obstacles in her own marriage.

"I ...

Army rule on hair touches nerve among black women

ATLANTA -- Four years ago, when Jasmine Jacobs decided to change her hair from a perm to a more natural look, she figured it would make her a better soldier -- require less care, especially on maneuvers and drills.

Jacobs, who lives in Atlanta, ...

Captain Comics: All about Gwen Stacy

You know Gwen Stacy is dead, right?

I'm not talking about her fate in the movie "Amazing Spider-Man 2," premiering May 3. I don't know that myself, and wouldn't tell you if I knew.

No, I'm talking about comic books, where Gwen Stacy has been ...