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Health and Beauty Tip -- Good Scents

When bringing out clothes that have been in storage for awhile, try using lightly-scented water when ironing. Add some to your iron and, using the steam setting, brush it gently over your clothing. Lavendar water is a good one to use, but try ...

Health and Beauty Tip -- Selecting Hosiery

Make your legs look longer and slimmer by matching your hose as closely as possibly to your skirt and shoes. For two-toned shoes, wear a neutral color, or try to match the lightest color in the shoes -- never wear hose darker than this!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Face-Slimming Hairstyles

For most people, a shoulder-length cut makes the face appear slimmer -- avoid hair that is too long or too short. Use layers instead of straight lines to give your hair more body, and consider highlights in vertical sweeps. Of course, it's ...