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Health and Beauty Tip -- Cut Back on Coffee

How much is too much? Any more than four cups of caffeinated coffee each day can lead to bladder irritation. The same amount of caffeine in chocolate, caffeinated tea, or cola can do the same thing, so watch your intake!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Soft Feet

The tough skin on your feet benefits from the heavy moisturizing properties of lanolin. Whether you apply it during the day or under socks before you go to sleep, you'll notice softer skin on your feet in no time!

Health and Beauty Tip -- Sunscreen vs. Sunblock

What's the difference? Sunscreen absorbs UV rays and scatters them, while sunblock reflects them entirely. Sometimes sunscreens with SPF numbers of 15 or higher are advertised as sunblock -- but sunblock doesn't need an SPF number, as it ...