Name that Diet!

There are so many diets out there, it's hard to keep track of them. Sometimes I wonder how it all originated! Take a look!

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It was developed by Stanley Burroughs; the diet only allowed lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup.

  • A) Master Cleanse
  • B) Adu Vapor
  • C) The American Diet

Many blame the 1920-1930's AD campaign, using the brand Lucky Strike. This diet tactic causes infertility, heart disease and lung cancer.

  • A) Pills
  • B) Cigarettes
  • C) Alcohol

In the 1950s, women used this tactic to lose weight due to the Christian dieting industry boom.

  • A) Exorcism diet
  • B) Praying diet
  • C) Baptism diet

During the 1960s is when dieters began forming support organizations. In 1961, which weight loss support group did Jean Nidetch launch?

  • A) Weight Watchers
  • B) Ali Weight Loss
  • C) SENSA Weight Loss Group

In the 70s, companies promised that you could "stuff your face without consequences," although after reports of vomiting and abdominal pains, the FDA got rid of it.

  • A) Cigarettes
  • B) Cabbage Soup Diet
  • C) Pill diet

In the 80s, there was a new diet that required "hard-core discipline" called the Scarsdale Diet; what did it entail?

  • A) Eating just vegetables!
  • B) One meal a day!
  • C) 1,000 calories or fewer per day!

As a result of the population becoming more aware of red meat's association with heart disease, which food became popular in the 80s?

  • A) Turkey Bacon
  • B) Chicken Sausage
  • C) Lean Chicken

Created by the Desert Lab, this diet substance contains more than 97% of Hoodia, which is a plant extract that is believed to control appetite and manage food cravings.

  • A) Ice Cream Diet
  • B) Milkshake Diet
  • C) Ice Cube Diet

It is supposedly a diet that involves "Eating for Energy."

  • A) Fruit Cleanse Diet
  • B) Fish Diet
  • C) Raw Food Diet

This low- carb diet involves limited consumption of carbohydrates in order to switch the body's metabolism from metabolizing glucose as energy and converting stored body fat to energy.

  • A) The Bloom Diet
  • B) The Atkins Diet
  • C) The Nutritional Carb Diet