Love & Marriage

Here are just a few more superstitions about love & marriage. Check it out!

Points available: 10


Which is not a sign that you will fall in love soon?

  • A) You stumble going down a flight of stairs
  • B) You have hairy legs
  • C) You dream of taking a bath
  • D) The lines on your palm form an "M"

Which of the following are not ways to dream of how your next boyfriend will look?

  • A) Sleep with a mirror under your pillow
  • B) Wear your nightgown inside out
  • C) Rub your headboard with lemon peel before turning off the light
  • D) Count eight stars each night for eight nights

If you want to marry a millionaire, what do you need to see on Valentines Day?

  • A) Squirrel
  • B) Robin
  • C) Goldfinch
  • D) Bat

What does the color Red symbolize?

  • A) Trust
  • B) Reliability
  • C) Devotion
  • D) Loyalty

In the saying, "Something old and Something new, Something borrowed and Something blue" what does the "something blue" symbolize?

  • A) Shows that the bride wants the happy marriage of another older woman
  • B) Shows that she and her husband want to always be faithful in their love
  • C) Shows a sign of respect to her family relatives
  • D) Stands for the new life the husband and wife are starting together

If a four leaf clover means "a wish for good luck," what does an orange blossom mean?

  • A) Pure love
  • B) Good luck
  • C) I love you, but I don't know if you love me
  • D) Everlasting love

What does it mean if a girl's apron unfastens and falls off?

  • A) She will be engaged soon
  • B) Her beau is thinking about her
  • C) Her beau is going to break up with her
  • D) The one she is with now, is not who she will marry

If a girl's cheeks burn for no reason, what does that mean?

  • A) It's getting hotter outside
  • B) She will have a very happy and prosperous marraige
  • C) The man she marries will be ugly
  • D) Her lover is talking about her

What does a dimple on your chin mean?

  • A) You have been kissed by Cupid
  • B) You will have many children
  • C) You must watch your back
  • D) Your husband will be incredibly lucky

What does it mean if your wedding dress is pink?

  • A) You're ashamed to be seen
  • B) You'll live out of town
  • C) You're spirits will sink
  • D) You're ashamed of the fellow