Female Inventors

How much do you know about female inventors?

Points available: 10


Who invented the Newborn Scoring System, which assessed the health of newborns?

  • A) Patricia Billings
  • B) Sally Fox
  • C) Carol Wior
  • D) Virginia Apgar

What did Mary Phelps Jacob invent in 1913?

  • A) The bra
  • B) High heeled shoes
  • C) The girdel
  • D) Windshield wipers

What is not true about Krysta Morlan?

  • A) She invented a cast cooling device
  • B) She invented the waterbike
  • C) All of her inventions occurred after she turned 35
  • D) She has cerebal palsy

What were the occupations of Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil, the inventors of a secret communication system known as spread spectrum that was used during WWII?

  • A) Nurse and scientist
  • B) Movie star and composer
  • C) Factory worker and soldier
  • D) Teacher and lawyer

Which of the following was not invented by a woman?

  • A) Central heating
  • B) An optical system designed to detect imperfections in repeating patterns
  • C) Automatic doors
  • D) The process for isolating the human stem cell

What is not true of Harriet Tubman, inventor of the Underground Railroad?

  • A) She was a nurse
  • B) She was a spy for the Federal troops
  • C) Her birth name was Araminta Ross
  • D) She was never married

What was invented by a mother and daughter duo?

  • A) A catheter shield
  • B) The hairbrush
  • C) The vacuum
  • D) Carbonation

Mary Walton was the creator of several inventions, all of which had to do with what?

  • A) Knitting
  • B) Patient care
  • C) Train pollution
  • D) Motorcycles

What is not true about Amanda Jones?

  • A) She invented the oil heating furnace
  • B) She invented the vacuum
  • C) She tried to start a women only industry
  • D) An idea for one of her inventions came to her via a message from her dead brother

Which product does not commonly make use of Stephanie Kwolek's invention, Kevlar (a type of metal)?

  • A) Bullet proof vests
  • B) Skis
  • C) Space vehicles
  • D) Plasma televisions